As SilverCart is a module for SilverStripe a SilverCart webshop can integrate seamlessly other SilverStripe modules like the blog and the forum module. Especially a well maintained blog provides a site with constantly refreshed content.

Search engines love fresh content and customers are more likely to visit a site that provides interesting news via a blog.

  • Content and products are maintained via the same backoffice
  • Spread news via blog
  • Provide support via forum

As SilverCart is based on the PHP-framework Sapphire a sites features can be easily customized and new features are implemented in short time. This saves you development costs while SilverCart and all used modules stay updatable.

Product and manufacturer administration

  • Master and slave products (product variations can be grouped while the variations can be independently maintained)
  • A products stock status can be displayed as quantity or with a traffic light as a symbol.
  • Products can be provided with multiple images or a gallery.
  • Unlimited quantity of products and product groups.
  • Products can be mirrored in several product groups.
  • A product can be assigned/“mirrored” to multiple product groups.
  • Each product has a unique URL to avoid duplicate content.
  • Each product can have multiple files assigned (PDF,DOC,XLS, etc.)
  • WYSIWYG-Editor to customize a products display design
  • Drag&Drop reordering
  • manufacturer logo and link maintainable
  • asset management for files and pictures
  • various possibilities to filter products

Layout & design

  • customizable HTML templates
  • layout free of old-fashioned table design
  • W3C valid XHTML
  • switch for grid/list view of products

Payment methods and interfaces

  • PayPal payment module
  • iPayment payment module
  • further payment providers implementable via payment API
  • Checkout steps customizable
  • Flexible tax calculation system

User and shop administration

  • User account area with order history
  • Vouchers and coupons module (available soon)
  • Professional support of a young and freshly thinking developer team
  • Number ranges definable
  • B2B or B2C

Development & customization

  • Code 100% object orientated, well encapsulated and 100% documentated
  • Class diagram and API documentation
  • Integrated update mechanism
  • Import and export via CSV
  • code and database with UTF-8 charset


  • SEO: Google sitemap, Google webmaster ID and analytics ID maintainable
  • Automated W3C status reporting for better ranking
  • Hosting @ our servers for 100% hardware/software compatibility
  • CRM and ticket system