How do I get rid of SilverCart

After reading this manual and all the tech talk in the forum you might be too confused to go on with SilverCart. You decide to forget about SilverCart and get rid of it. Here are some vital tips to be successful:

  1. Delete your browser history and all the bookmarks to SilverCart.
  2. Tell your wife not to mention it ever again even though you talked about it in the kitchen every night after the kids went to bed.
  3. Delete the software from your localhost and all webservers you had access to.
  4. Drown your hate of SilverCart in a bottle of booze. It doesn't really help, but people do it all the time.
  5. Write us an ultimate hate mail and call us names we never thought of before.
  6. Pull the plug on all your internet devices. You do not need the internet at all. Go to the next mall and shop. eCommerce is useless anyway, a trend that will pass, a big bubble that will burst - again.

Ok, now seriously: just delete the module directories and do a clean ”/dev/build/?flush=all” and you are done. SilverCart behaves like any other SilverStripe module.