Installing SilverCart

Installing SilverCart is now just as easy as installing SilverStripe. As of version 1.2 we offer packages with SilverStripe, SilverCart and all required modules. After copying this package to your server you can run the SilverStripe installation script.

After the successful installation you will end up in the SilverCart frontend with its even more beautiful layout.

The Different Packages

The Complete Package

The complete package contains SilverStripe, SilverCart, all required modules and all available modules for SilverCart.

The Minimal Package

The minimal package offers SilverCart, SilverStripe and only the required modules for SilverCart.

The Barebone Packages

The barebone packages do not contain SilverStripe. Use them if you want to integrate SilverCart in an existing SilverStripe installation. The minimum barebone package contains only SilverCart and the required modules. The full barebone package includes all available modules for SilverCart.